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Tax Update for Financial Institutions

Jason Wimmer
Dec 07, 2017

There has been much talk about the need for tax reform. The U.S. tax system is incredibly complicated, and the high tax rate environment makes it more important than ever to plan around upcoming changes (the combined federal and state marginal tax rates currently exceed 40 percent for most C corporations and approaches 50 percent for most S corporations). By understanding upcoming changes and taking proactive measures, banks and their owners can minimize their federal and state income tax liabilities.

In this webinar, we update you on some of the most important tax changes affecting the financial institution industry.

Topics include the following:

  • Federal tax changes affecting C corporations and S corporations
  • Tax policy updates
  • Tax planning strategies and opportunities for tax savings
  • Update on IRS audit activities
  • Tax-related accounting issues
  • Information reporting updates

This webinar was presented to senior management handling tax issues.


Jason J. Wimmer
CPA, MBT , Partner


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Webinar: Tax update for financial institutions
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