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[Webinar + Q&A] Financial markets and COVID-19

Mar 19, 2020

The world stock markets have experienced a swift decline in recent weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our affiliate Wipfli Financial Advisors, LLC's team* reviews the recent volatility in financial markets, providing perspective on these events.
Topics covered:
  • Recent volatility in the financial markets
  • Historical perspective on market declines during previous events
  • Why stock price fluctuations should be viewed as a normal part of investing
  • Steps to help you navigate through the market swings

*Note that Wipfli LLP and Wipfli Financial Advisors, LLC (“Wipfli Financial”), although affiliated companies, are separate entities. Wipfli Financial provides investment management and financial planning services, and does not provide tax, accounting or legal advice, or recordkeeping/plan administrative services. Services offered by Wipfli LLP, if requested by the client, will be provided under a separate and distinct engagement letter. Clients are under no obligation to engage Wipfli Financial or Wipfli LLP, and are free to choose any professional who provides similar services.

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