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Payroll Solutions

Better serve your employees and propel your business forward.


Your people are the pulse of your daily operations. Hiccups or errors in your payroll process and can be detrimental to your business and damaging to employee morale and productivity. 

At Wipfli, we’re committed to helping you mitigate those risks with sophisticated payroll solutions. Rely on our experienced specialists to eliminate errors and ensure all of your employees are compensated in a timely and accurate manner. During payroll cycles, our team will perform comprehensive and diligent reviews to ensure all payroll-related data is current and matches up against your business information.

Spend less time dealing with cumbersome administrative processes and more time focusing on talent strategy, culture and the long-term growth of your business.

Integrated, Industry-Leading Payroll Solutions

Our packages start at $150 per month and include a range of solutions that can accommodate businesses ranging from one to hundreds of employees. We have the flexibility to tailor these solutions to fit your business’s unique payroll needs. From an administration perspective, you can leverage our team to:

  • Assist with entering and processing employee bonus and incentive payments.
  • Evaluate, update and correct time and attendance entries.
  • Incorporate salary adjustments and oversee other changes related to employee compensation.
  • Assume responsibility for submitting payroll every cycle.
  • Field questions and concerns from employees regarding compensation.

You can also utilize our cohesive, all-in-one digital platform to give stakeholders and managers instant access to crucial payroll information, plus features that allow you to spot errors and inaccuracies before payroll is processed. Leverage our digital platform to:

  • Manage general ledger reporting to ensure that your payroll information is entered appropriately and efficiently.
  • Access a self-service manager and employee portal.
  • Provide direct deposit or paper checks.

And the platform provides benefits outside payroll. You can use it to manage PTO and vacation accruals, view reports on new hire progress, access information on adjustments to salary and job role, view historical performance evaluations and more.

  • Provide fully integrated support with retirement plan administration, advisory and reporting
  • Leverage digital features to assist with monitoring new hire processes
  • Manage tracking for paid time off (PTO) and vacation accruals
  • Provide comprehensive payroll tax payment and filing.
  • Leverage a completely integrated human resources information system (HRIS)
  • Manage and distribute basic reports, and provide access to a report writer

Build a better place to work with the help of Wipfli. To learn more about our payroll solutions and how we can meet your business’s needs, fill out the form below.