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The Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality

Specialized, scalable support

The Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ) was struggling to give its leaders timely financial data. By outsourcing accounting to Wipfli, it gained real-time insight, specialized expertise and the freedom to focus on its mission.

The Challenge

WCHQ needed to navigate funding complexity and tight budgets — but leaders didn’t have a good understanding of year-to-date expenses. Sometimes, the financial data they received was 30 or 60 days old. The accounting role had become too big for one person to manage, and QuickBooks couldn’t handle all the organization’s accounting needs.

The Solution

WCHQ outsourced the CFO function, accounts payable, grant reporting and other accounting tasks to Wipfli, where a team can provide specialized knowledge and scale with the nonprofit. Wipfli also helped WCHQ transition to Sage Intacct for its accounting platform so it could access real-time data and create dashboards for leaders.

Wipfli doesn’t just hand us our books. They work with us in a collaborative way, making sure we have the tools, time and information we need
Christopher Queram, president and CEO at WCHQ

The results

Instead of waiting for month-end reports, WCHQ can access real-time accounting data from any device with an internet connection. And the data is dynamic, which allows staff to drill down, resolve questions and make proactive decisions. They can see how different leaders and services contribute to the organization. Intacct can prevent expenses that fall outside funding parameters, which has a positive impact on cash flow. The budgeting process is simpler too, even for a complex, grant-funded organization.