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Wisconsin Community Services

Getting IT investments back on track

reduction in monthly IT costs that could then be reinvested

Wisconsin Community Services (WCS) needed a new IT provider — one that provided more value and could take the organization forward. Wipfli brought just the right strategic mindset and services needed.

The Challenge

As a longtime Wipfli audit client, WCS felt comfortable sharing with us the challenges it was having with its outsourced IT provider. Being a nonprofit organization, there were limited resources it could put toward IT expenses. And despite how much money it was investing in IT to become more productive and efficient, WCS wasn’t actually seeing a return on its extra spend. The provider’s one-size-fits-all solution also wasn’t meeting the organization’s full range of IT needs. WCS made the switch to Wipfli’s technology management and chief information officer (CIO) advisory services.

The Solution

Wipfli migrated WCS’s tech infrastructure out of the prior provider’s data center into Microsoft Azure, which reduced WCS’s IT spend. Then Wipfli started a strategic IT road-mapping process, taking the time to fully understand WCS’s goals, strategic gaps and funding obligations. As part of this process, the team identified the technology solutions needed to add capabilities; increase productivity, efficiency and resilience; and achieve a tangible ROI. This included leveraging Microsoft Power BI to improve reporting and selecting a new database to meet funding source needs. Wipfli also helped WCS incorporate tactical tech and cyber components into its organizational strategy.

We really appreciate how much Wipfli listened to us to understand our needs. They wanted to truly work with us to solve challenges and set us up right.
Kristine Radeztsky, CFO at Wisconsin Community Services

The results

Because Wipfli migrated 30 servers to the cloud in less than a week (a process that normally takes several weeks), WCS was able to meet a critical deadline to keep operating smoothly during the transition to Wipfli as its IT provider. WCS has also been able to bring remote locations into its network, increase its resilience to cyberthreats with new controls, and improve and automate its reporting capabilities. New dashboards have decreased the time it takes the community reintegration services team to produce reports by over eight hours per month. Wipfli also reduced WCS’s monthly IT costs by $20,000, enabling WCS to reinvest those savings to address other IT initiatives, including moving additional IT services into the cloud.

hours saved by just one team in producing monthly reports
week to migrate 30 servers, a process that normally takes several weeks