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Wipfli expands insurance industry offerings

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Wipfli, with its decades of insurance industry experience, has expanded and strengthened its advisory services and solutions to prepare for where the industry is headed.

The firm has invested in additional tax and technology expertise to focus on the needs of insurance clients. These additional resources will better enable it to advise clients with strategic priorities.

“Our expanded consultation team can support clients not only with tax, audit and accounting services, but can now also advise and provide digitization and automation of processes. Data analytics and artificial intelligence to personalize products, improve customer and agent experience, and track ESG are included in Wipfli’s expanded offerings,” said Anna Kooi, Wipfli’s national financial services industry leader and partner. “Our national practice teams are able to focus on the insurance industry’s unique needs, and, while we continue to offer core services, this expansion will enable broader opportunities to impact their success.”

The firm’s vast digital, data and cloud capabilities enable clients to see where challenges can be turned into opportunities. Accessing and applying insights from historical data has tremendous value for improving future decisions. Wipfli’s digital solutions employ a team approach that takes clients through strategy, planning, building data repositories and creating data visualization so day-to-day management is easier and paths to success are clear.

Included in Wipfli’s insurance industry capabilities is consulting for businesses choosing to utilize captive insurance. As premiums of commercial insurance grow and policy terms become more stringent, organizations are turning to captive insurance. Wipfli provides critical services throughout each phase of a captive’s lifecycle, from formation through evaluation and operation.

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