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Meet a few of Wipfli’s associates and learn their career experiences at Wipfli


Jordan Kolb - Tax Senior - Madison, WI

What do you like about Wipfli?
The thing I like most about Wipfli is the culture. We have instilled in ourselves a “Wipfli Way” culture that is apparent in our everyday activities. Whether it is someone being responsive to a request or just a thank you for help, everyone seems to treat each other with the utmost respect.

Why did you decide to join Wipfli?
Prior to Wipfli I had worked at a similar size accounting firm in Fond du Lac. I decided it was time to relocate to Madison and remembered hearing good things about Wipfli when I was in college. I interviewed here in Madison and was very impressed with the interviewers and their feelings on why they enjoyed working for Wipfli. I decided to give it a shot and I am extremely glad I did!

Share something unique about your journey at Wipfli?
One unique thing that Wipfli does is a “Community Day” where the entire office closes for a day to volunteer in the community. I had the opportunity to experience my first “Community Day” this year. I was assigned to help an elderly lady transplant some of her rhubarb plants and when I was finished, she couldn’t thank me enough for the work I had done.

What keeps you at Wipfli?
What keeps me at Wipfli is the amazing culture and the incredible opportunities to grow in my career.

Amanda Linehan 

Amanda Linehan - Tax Manager - St. Paul, MN

How did you first learn about Wipfli and what made you decide to join the firm?
I first met Wipfli as a college student. Gregg Knapp (partner in the Hudson, WI office at the time) came to speak to my auditing class at UW-River Falls. While I ended up accepting a position at a smaller firm while I was in school, I decided to seek Wipfli out about 5 years later when I was ready to make a change. Wipfli has a positive reputation from what I knew about it. I joined Wipfli in the St. Paul office in February of 2014. Working at a small firm in the past gave me great experience, but didn’t allow me to specialize in a specific industry or service line. Working at Wipfli, we get to be more specialized and work with a larger group of people that all focus on a certain client niche. That really appealed to me, as I wanted to focus more on entity tax work.

How does Wipfli challenge you as a professional?
Every single day is different in the tax world. While there are certainly compliance items that need to be completed every year, the tax laws are always changing. Wipfli helps to keep me informed of the best new planning opportunities so I can share them with my clients. One of the most rewarding things about my job is teaching a client about a tax credit or savings opportunity that they didn’t know about. It feels great to be helpful in saving people money!

Do you have any mentors at Wipfli?
How did that relationship come about and how have they helped you in your career growth?Absolutely! We are lucky to have so many people at Wipfli that are truly experts in their fields. I know that I have several people I can call on with specific industry questions in various Wipfli offices. One of the best parts about working at Wipfli is the breadth of knowledge we have across our (ever-expanding) office footprint.

Moncur_ Audra 

Audra Moncur - Valuation Senior Manager - Rockford, IL

What do you like about Wipfli?
I love learning new things and one of the best things about working at Wipfli is I can attend the training needed to stay up-to-date on the latest topics. I get the support to pursue areas of interest and can specialize in what interests me.

Share something unique about your journey at Wipfli/ Career?
I didn’t take the normal career path. I started out as a seasonal tax preparer. When we were building a new house I contacted Wipfli to see about picking up some additional hours. I was offered the opportunity to learn a new area and preparing business valuations part-time. Through support of my supervisor and training I became accredited in business valuations (ABV) and went full time when the time was right for me and my family. I love the flexibility that Wipfli has provided me in my career path.

Why did you decide to join Wipfli?
Wipfli gave me a flexible career option that worked for me and my family.

What keeps you at Wipfli?
I love the variety of projects that I work on. Each project is different and I get to dig deep into the analysis and details of each company. Plus the people that I work with are the best.


Dannielle Lewis - Tax Manager - Minneapolis, MN

You started at Wipfli as an intern. That was years ago! Tell me more about your experience working here.
I believe it was Confucius who once said that if you choose a job you love you'll never have to work a day in your life. It seems that people often falsely assume from this quote that if they really love their work they won't actually have to work hard or that things should come quite easy for them. Rather, I believe he was trying to say that having passion in a job will give you the motivation and strength to overcome your obstacles because they will no longer feel like work, but rather a stepping stone to your next achievement. I believe Wipfli gives me this sense. The people I work with are constantly supporting and challenging me to new goals and work directly with me to help me achieve the career path I desire. Because of this, the endeavors I face feel more like adventures than burdens and imposes upon me a sense of excitement for what is yet to come.

How has Wipfli helped you grow in your career since your internship?
Wipfli has been really great at empowering me to choose the best career path for myself. I work closely with my performance coach to ensure I have the opportunities to get exposure to the different tax work that I am most interested in. They have also sought to challenge me to new ventures that have helped me grow such as speaking opportunities at conferences and different types of services lines.

Do you have any advice future intern candidates?
I think its common for people just coming out of college to feel this internal pressure to really have to know what they want to do with the rest of their lives. However, often your career is really more this organic growth that comes from a person being open to new challenges and opportunities and really following their intuition on what is best for them. Therefore, I think the best advice I can have is to really take the time to really experience your internship and the work you will do and not to feel pressured to know if tax or audit or even public accounting is the right fit for you. It will come to you in time and often isn’t as black and white as we would hope but the path to get there is usually a really great adventure.


Anne Kirschling - Audit Senior Manager - Milwaukee, WI

Why did you decide to join Wipfli?
My experience in my internship with Wipfli convinced me this was the firm for me. I not only had a great professional experience, I made some really good friends early on. I knew this culture was one where I would flourish and they would allow me to add the value I knew I could add. When you intern during the busiest time of the year, stress levels can be a bit higher, and to still go home at night knowing I loved my job, meant to me this was the place for me!

What do you like about Wipfli?
I get the opportunity to work with some really smart people who value each other’s contributions and are genuinely nice, fun people. We are a highly motivated, driven group of professionals, but we know not to take ourselves too seriously, which I love. The clients I work with are great – nice, down to earth people who value our services to them. It is great to feel like I am making a difference for these clients. It is a great mix of personal and professional fulfillment that makes each day great.

Share something unique about your journey at Wipfli.
The leaders at Wipfli have allowed me to step into some key leadership roles at a fairly early stage in my career. Sometimes the perception in public accounting is that people below the partner level would be asked mostly to serve our clients, but the more critical leadership functions were to be handled by the partners only. I have been fortunate to have many opportunities presented to me beyond my client service role. For example, I lead the development of our accounting newsletter that goes to our clients and prospects. Working on this allows me to be responsible for ensuring it is a valuable asset to our clients. Also, I have been entrusted to handle the audit staff scheduling in my office which is much more than just an administrative task. Scheduling is vital to ensure our staff is getting development opportunities to help them grow professionally. Both items help me develop my organizational and leadership skills. I have been given latitude to doing things differently than they have in the past, allowing me to use my creativity to implement process improvement. I think all of this is unique for someone at my stage of my career to have these amazing opportunities.


Emma Onyancha - Audit Senior - Minneapolis, MN

Why did you decide to join Wipfli?
I liked the pooled concept because I got to experience both audit and tax, which was very helpful because did not know what I wanted to do then. I started at Wipfli as an entry level staff accountant and the rotation program helped me picked audit which is a better fit for me! I heard the culture at Wipfli is great, everyone I talked to had great things to say about Wipfli. I also did some research on the website and saw that Wipfli has been awarded as one of the top places to work in Minnesota and also learned that Wipfli serves clients in a lot of different industries.

Did Wipfli live up to your expectations and what keeps you at Wipfli?
Yes! Firstly, I love everyone that I work with, the culture is very open, it is very rewarding coming in to work every day. I like the managers that I work with. They have great integrity, and they really have the desire to develop my career and help me grow. Wipfli is also really good at acknowledging my accomplishments and hardwork, and I am so happy that I got promoted! It is a good feeling that my team actually pays attention to my work. I work with people who are very passionate in what they do which makes work even more meaningful. When I was a first year staff I had a lot of opportunities to manage audit engagements which was awesome, although it was scary at first but my team and manager were very helpful. There are a lot of people from other Wipfli offices that I can reach out to with questions, and it is very comforting to know that Wipfli has the resources that I need to be successful.

You are part of the non-profit/governmental industry. Tell me more about your experience working in this industry.
A lot of my clients are non-profit organizations, therefore they are very passionate about their mission and cause. It definitely translates to the mindset I put towards my job. It motivates me to put in a greater effort because I know what I am doing for my clients are not only impacting them, but also the community that they serve.


David Miosi - Audit Senior - Rockford, IL

Which office did you do your internship at and what was the most memorable thing that you’ve learned during your internship?
My internship took place at the Rockford office in the northern Illinois region. The amount of knowledge that I was offered on tax and audit was astonishing. A couple things I learned during my internship are helping other associates and the value of giving feedback. At that time, a Senior Accountant was reviewing a tax return I prepared, and called me over to discuss. I found out that I incorrectly calculated basis on a property that was sold. Even though she had a monumental stack of other tax returns to review, she took the time to sit me down and explain step-by-step how to correct the issue. She genuinely wanted me to learn and grow even if my internship was going to end in a couple of months. This mentality has been adopted in my own work ethic and I’m always looking for opportunities to give feedback and offer a helping hand to other associates.

What happened after your internship?
Tell me more about that and your journey to where you are now.My internship ended in April and I started studying for my CPA exam. In January, I was hired as a full-time staff accountant in audit and tax. With the support of my colleagues and Wipfli giving me the time I needed to study, I attained my CPA certification. During my first couple of years, I performed various audits and tax returns under the guidance of a select few Senior Accountants and Managers. Just like in my internship, they took the time to teach me invaluable accounting techniques and gave me in-depth feedback. Before I knew it, I was promoted to a Senior Accountant and I started supervising audit jobs, reviewing complex tax returns, and coaching less experienced staff. There were some great opportunities to present nonprofit financial statements in front of the client’s board of directors. An associate carved time out of her busy day to help me prepare for these presentations and I can’t thank her enough. Public accounting is always changing and given the diverse nature of work, it can be challenging. But being a part of the team at Wipfli and adopting the Wipfli Way, we are able to overcome these obstacles.

Share something unique about your journey at Wipfli/ Career?
The journey at Wipfli was fast paced for me. I started out performing audits and preparing individual and corporate tax returns, and then specialized in the nonprofit arena. Before I know it, I was giving board presentations and reviewing staff work. Wipfli offers great opportunities to accelerate your career and grow as an associate. The relationships that been created through working at Wipfli. I have worked with many associates and clients that I now identify as friends. The leaders at Wipfli do an outstanding job assisting with any questions or issues I may have.


Brendon Cullen - Staff Accountant - St. Paul, MN

Why did you choose to do an internship at Wipfli?
I interviewed at a couple of other firms but I chose Wipfli because I was given a sense that the people and leaders at Wipfli are committed to helping their associates grow and giving them the support and guidance that they need to succeed.

Which office did you do your internship at and how was your internship experience at Wipfli?
I did 3 internships at Wipfli and the first one was in the Spring of 2014 at our St Paul office. I worked as part time intern in the Minneapolis office for the following busy season and back at St Paul in 2016.All of my internships at Wipfli were awesome! I did not know what to expect during my first internship, I was so new to everything but the learning curve was exponential for me. I did not know anything in the beginning of the internship but reflecting back on it now, I grew so much and was actually pretty good in tax preparation! I was assigned a performance coach during my internships and they were really helpful in setting expectations with me. I feel like they really cared to help me succeed and making sure that I gain the most out of the internships.

How did your day-to-day look like when you were an intern at Wipfli?
First thing in the morning, I will organize my work station, make sure that I am set up and ready to go for the day, which would include a huge cup of coffee. I will check my emails and respond to them and make sure that all communication is squared away. I will then grab the work papers that I need from our internal filing system to prepare the returns from previous days. Once they are done, I will send them to the first reviewer and get started on the next project. I would also attend trainings from time to time to learn to complete different types of returns.

Do you have any advice future intern candidates?
Try to figure out what works for you and don’t feel the need to conform to what other people are doing, but make decisions based on what will make you successful in the long run.


Dan Fabich - Audit Manager - Green Bay, WI

Why did you decide to join Wipfli?
I attended UW-La Crosse and interviewed with John Honadel. In the past, I had met some of the partners of the firm and those interactions were the biggest differential for me. I wasn’t looking to go Big 4 so the size of Wipfli was a big factor. I was looking for something that would give me a good experience with a lot of different clients.

What do you like about Wipfli and what keeps you at Wipfli?
The people that have been coaching me throughout my time have kept me challenged. I’m exposed to knew things, new clients, the different services we provide. The ever changing daily activities makes my job exciting! Wipfli is a great place to work.

How has Wipfli play a part in allowing you to do what you love outside of work?
One of my hobbies is golf and they’ve allowed me to follow and be active in the sport. The people here have been willing to work with me and let me follow this passion; weather permitting! And in general, the scheduling is such that if I want to take time off, the flex scheduling allows me to do that.

Do you have mentors at Wipfli?
How have they helped you in your career growth? Yes! They kept giving me opportunities - sometimes before I’m ready! They are there when I struggle and when I succeed. I am doing new things every year and I really need to have that support system for when I get stuck. The people I lean on have been there for me as I’ve grown. The small things they do for me on a daily basis really pays off.

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