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CFO Connect for Sage Intacct

Accelerate performance with our accounting system

Dynamic dashboards. Data to drive strategy. Measurable KPIs. Actionable insights.

To excel in today’s competitive environment, you can’t rely on Excel spreadsheets and manual processes. That’s why we built Wipfli’s CFO Connect.

With CFO Connect handling your accounting and financial management needs, you will have reliable, credible and actionable data at your fingertips.

CFO Connect isn’t just a piece of software. It’s a system powered by a dedicated team that will work with you to decode your data so you can spend more time leading your team and business.

With Wipfli’s CFO Connect, built off of Sage Intacct, you can:

  • Gain insights using budgets, dashboardsand benchmarking
  • Compare actuals to budget to understand trends
  • Uncover insights in your client demographics
  • Review comparable data to similar firms
  • Start thought-provoking discussions on culture
  • Explore forward-thinking visions, goals and strategy

Our experience plus our customized CFO Connect combines experience and technology to turn your obstacles into opportunities.

Our reporting package includes:


  • Monitor bank and credit card activity
  • Manage and process payment of approvedvendor invoices


  • Reconcile significant balance sheet accounts
  • Maintain fixed asset ledger
  • Reconcile bank and credit card accounts
  • Reconcile general ledger transactions andprepare journal entries
  • Reconcile revenue with practice managementplatform
  • Analyze budget to actual for anomaliesand trends
  • Prepare financial statement reporting
  • Themed dashboard presentation


  • Prepare necessary 1099 information formsthrough electronic submission

Let’s get started today building the future you want.

Learn how CFO Connect can drive your business into the future.