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Overcome your growth pains and be proactive with challenges.

Wipfli’s services for FinTech companies are designed to help you navigate the complex maze of competition, technology, regulatory, and operational environments. Our services are designed to help you overcome your growth pains and be proactive with challenges.

See clear, stay focused and grow solid.

With FinTech, you are bound to come across an ever-changing landscape of political, economic, social, technology, legal, and environmental factors. Wipfli can help in a number of ways. Clients find our experts understand how to incorporate the needs of any organization into a unique plan of action.

Our FinTech services consist of:

Regulatory Compliance

The firm has been offering regulatory compliance risk management services to traditional financial institutions for years. Based on the various emerging scenarios, our team of experts has identified regulations that are applicable to FinTech companies. The Wipfli team provides focused consulting assistance, training, audits, and if applicable, assistance with responses to regulatory agencies.

Blockchain Development

Wipfli has been at the forefront of Blockchain innovation. Whether you need to test a concept or custom develop a block chain application for your business, Wipfli can assist with conceptualization, developing the business case, software development, and integration.

Strategic Advisory Services

Wipfli offers a range of strategic advisory services to small and medium-sized businesses that include but are not limited to organizational development and governance, business plan review, M&A advisory, change management, and strategic planning.

Audit/Tax Services

Audit and tax services have been Wipfli’s mainstream business for more than 87 years! It’s in our basic business DNA to be up to date with the changing business environment related to providing audit and tax services for our clients, whether start-ups or long-established entities!

Outsourced Services

Wipfli offers outsourced payroll, HR, accounting, managed IT, and software development services for small and medium-sized companies.

FinTech Roadmap

We are conceptualizing and developing a FinTech Roadmap, which can be used by both buyers and providers of FinTech services, including FinTech start-ups. This is not out in the market yet, but if you want to be notified when this is ready, please contact us.

Wipfli teams are up-to-the-minute with what’s happening in the industry and well-versed in the issues clients and their peers are facing. Work with people who understand the FinTech industry and can help you face ever-changing situations.

Featured Thought Leader

Marcie L. Bomberg, OCI, OEI

Marcie Bomberg brings over 20 years of experience in executive leadership roles in both financial institutions and private enterprise to her engagements. She has developed a high level of proficiency, leading a myriad of complex enterprisewide endeavors such as mergers and acquisitions, strategic analysis and plan implementation, capital planning, and innovative product and service development.

David Schroepfer, CPA

Dave Schroepfer is the engagement partner and concurring reviewer for numerous financial institution (FI) engagements for accounting, tax, and consulting services. He leverages his deep industry knowledge and expertise to assist financial institution clients in strengthening their organization and their bottom line.

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