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The ag landscape is changing. Are you prepared to thrive?

As an agribusiness owner, you face many challenges, including uneven cash flow, environmental concerns and volatile market activity — just to name a few. You need a firm that not only works as hard as you do but also can help you identify and implement the solutions that will make the biggest impact on your business.

You deserve to work with professionals who understand that agriculture is a way of life as much as it is a way to make a living.

Cultivate long-term success with professionals dedicated to taking care of the agricultural industry’s financial health at every level. Many of the professionals on our ag team were raised on farms or ranches, and some are still actively involved in those operations.

Whether you’re a family farm or ranch, large commercial producer or a cooperative, Wipfli can help you mitigate financial risk and leverage opportunities. Choose from a wide range of solutions:

  • Tax-efficient business entity selection, and new ventures and operations structuring or restructuring
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Optimal accounting method selection
  • Financial audits, compilations and reviews
  • Audit solutions for cooperatives
  • Agricultural lending assistance
  • Farm program eligibility and limitations coordination

Gain impactful solutions from ag professionals who thoroughly understand your business. Contact us today.

Success story

Discover how Wipfli unearthed a $30,000 R&D tax credit for cranberry grower Valley Corporation.

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