Wipfli Connect Industry CRM Solutions

Connect to CRM customized for your industry.

Wipfli Connect solutions consolidate and connect a business’s separate silos of information into a centralized database to give everyone greater visibility into project performance. Information is easily accessible to all, allowing for enhanced responsiveness and accountability. The result is better decision-making and stronger performance.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Wipfli Connect offers solutions tailored to your industry. Each Wipfli Connect solution derives all the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and turns data into actionable information. This creates a clear view of accurate, up-to-the-minute information.

WipfliConnect for Banking CRM Accelerator

Generate income and grow margins with a CRM optimized for banking.
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WipfliConnect for Manufacturing CRM Accelerator

Ensure efficiencies throughout the customer life cycle with Wipfli Connect for Manufacturing.
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Wipfli Connect for Contractors

CRM that works for contractors.
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WipfliConnect for Real Estate CRM Accelerator

Smarter, tailor-made CRM for real estate businesses.
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Connect for Nonprofits

Build strong stakeholder relationships, manage memberships and streamline administration.
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Featured Thought Leader

Matt Gelb

With over 20 years of experience, Matt Gelb provides business analysis and project management services for enterprise-wide business application implementations and process improvement efficiencies, with a primary focus on customer relationship management (CRM). 

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