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Beltline Electric Company, Inc.

Knowing what it takes to win

improvement in sold project gross margin

Beltline Electric Company was growing — but it didn’t always know who was winning bids or why. With three sales divisions, the company had outgrown its current customer relationship management (CRM) system.

The Challenge

It was hard to track opportunities at Beltline Electric Company. Each sales division had a different workflow, which resulted in duplicate data entry and miscommunication. It needed a new CRM — one it could continue to grow with, and that was tailored for construction contractors.

The Solution

Beltline choose Wipfli Connect for Contractors and Microsoft Power BI to replace its CRM. Wipfli customized the solutions to Beltline’s business processes, from when an opportunity came in to when it closed, to give the company the functionality and visibility it needed.

Wipfli has been invaluable in helping us create and automate workflows that will grow our sales pipeline.
Patrick Brumley, director of business development at Beltline Electric Company, Inc.

The results

With these two solutions, Beltline gained reporting, automation and customized workflows — all in one future-proof solution. Now it’s easy for sales leaders to see performance, improve bids and estimates, and identify ideal projects. And the business knows which projects to decline based on profitability. That type of business intelligence contributed to higher-quality projects and up to 10% higher gross margins. Beltline plans to expand access to its CRM so more departments have the power to make better, faster decisions.