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Diagnose and tune your strategy and culture to overcome change

Have you ever implemented solutions to solve technology, process or financial challenges only to find high resistance to change and low levels of engagement and buy-in?

A culture that’s not aligned with your strategy or business needs is often at the root of failed projects.

Wipfli’s workplace culture solutions can help get your back in alignment. We help you measure and improve your culture by providing employees with the resources, support and motivation they need to improve performance and more deeply engage in change.

How do we help?

Wipfli’s organizational culture program includes six main elements:

  1. Strategy alignment: Collaborate with your leadership team to build a strategy that focuses on realizing your top priorities.
  2. Team engagement: Improve the quality and frequency of leader, team and employee interactions to drive understanding and mutual experiences around culture, as well as positive results.
  3. Vision clarity: Develop an inclusive vision for change. Analyze both what’s at stake for your organization and what may be required to shift and realign your culture.
  4. Learning outcomes: Use the results of research and insights to raise the competency and capabilities of your leaders and managers.
  5. Data confidence: Accurately measure your current culture and subcultures, as well as the different climate factors that you can leverage to effectively lead change.
  6. Change management: Develop a practical and easy-to-understand roadmap to achieving better results, including the organizational and individual change factors that will help ensure a return on your investment.
  7. Holistic alignment: Ensure people, strategies, processes and technology are on the same page to drive your growth. 

Why chose Wipfli?

When you work with Wipfli, you work with a hands-on firm that provides proven solutions to help you achieve results. We believe perspective changes everything, so we look at challenges from all angles — strategic, operational, digital, people and cultural — to fully help you implement change within your organization. 

With a full range of measurement tools, data analytics capabilities, change management experience and strategy facilitation skills, Wipfli has the solutions you need to master your culture.

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