Concur Connectors for Dynamics GP

Integration between Concur and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Simplify and streamline integration of expense data and invoice processing between Concur and Microsoft Dynamics GP with the ExpenseConnect and InvoiceConnect packages.


ExpenseConnect for Dynamics GP leverages GP web services to create a secure automated integration between Concur and Dynamics GP. This solution installs directly into Dynamics GP software and eliminates the need for manual downloads and manipulation of the Concur’s SAE (Standard Accounting Extract) file.

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Built on a flexible data mapping backbone, ExpenseConnect allows organizations to securely define the data mapping from Concur to any of the following Dynamics GP modules:

  • General Ledger (Journal Entry)
  • Accounts Payable (Payables Transaction)
  • Project Accounting (Employee Expense Entry)
  • Intercompany transactions
  • Analytical Accounting

ExpenseConnect is easy to use and flexible. Skip the costly custom development efforts and configure the product to integrate expense reports with its seamless cloud integration, flexible data mapping capabilities, and support for multi-currency, multi-entity, intercompany, and analytical accounting. Synchronize GP data such as expense types, projects, departments, employees, etc. with Concur with an optional bi-directional sync module.


Seamlessly integrate invoice processing between Concur Invoice and Microsoft Dynamics GP. InvoiceConnect creates an automated connection between the two systems to complete the entire invoice workflow.

InvoiceConnect installs directly into the Dynamics GP environment, leveraging GP eConnect and Concur, and giving users the power to manage data mapping between systems. The software’s unique, flexible design eliminates the need for costly custom development.

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The cloud-based system creates a secure, fully automated integration, eliminating the need to manually download data extract files. Without the burden of manual entry, error rates plummet and staff spend less time on clerical tasks. Plus, the cloud-based system keeps invoices, payments, and vendor information synchronized between systems and across platforms.

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