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The new world of credit losses

The FASB’s Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) model for measuring credit losses on loans and other financial assets is the biggest accounting and financial reporting change for financial institutions in over a generation. Many challenges lie ahead for you in implementing CECL, but we are ready to help you at each step to meet the CECL deadline.

We specialize in accounting and financial reporting, credit underwriting and analysis, process and systems management, and information technology, and our professionals are here to guide and support your team so that you find a CECL solution just right for your institution. We help you understand CECL’s requirements, evaluate various models, manage data storage and transfer, implement and test your CECL methodology, and stay on track through the whole process with service offerings. Let us help your institution with:

  • Readiness assessments
  • Project management and implementation plans
  • CECL modeling
  • Data storage and data transfer assessments
  • Vendor solution evaluations
  • Model validations
  • Accounting and financial reporting assistance
  • Training and education

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