Supporting growth and innovation for water-related companies.

New discoveries, technologies, and initiatives are moving ahead at remarkable speed. Startup innovators, mature manufacturers, and other water-related companies are flowing with impressive momentum in a dynamic industry. 

A commitment that runs deep.

As a strong supporter of Milwaukee’s Global Water Center, Wipfli stays close to those on the leading edge of freshwater innovation. The Global Water Center houses The Water Council plus academic research programs, large multinational companies, small water technology businesses, freshwater innovators, and specialized business experts. The collaborative setting encourages strong connections among people working within the entire freshwater ecosystem, and the team’s presence there helps keep clients plugged into the latest trends.


Whether young, established, big, or small, water-related businesses benefit from experts who understand the industry and their business life cycle. Clients gain a unique perspective, combining access to leading edge water innovation with the firm’s world-class business services including:

Featured Thought Leader

David O. Christianson, CPA

Dave's emphasis on client service has led to thriving and profitable client relationships. The key to his success has been utilizing his vast experience and significant expertise to make solid recommendations that help client's become more successful. Aided by his close freshwater industry involvement since 2009, Dave skillfully assists water-related companies through all stages of growth and their business life cycle. 

Wipfli LLP
Dave Christianson, Partner

“As a firm with a history of supporting the state of Wisconsin, business growth and innovation, Wipfli is thrilled to be involved with the water industry cluster that benefits the state and business community on so many levels. We especially enjoy our presence in the Global Water Center and providing advice to growing companies in the fresh water industry to help them achieve success.”

The Water Council

Freshwater Services

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