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In today's fast-paced business environments, technology plays a critical role in an organization’s ability to achieve goals, now more than ever before. Applying Moore’s Law to the challenges businesses face when making technology decisions means it is an ever more difficult process to predict the future.  The pace of change makes it difficult to identify technology driven hard trends, and clearly see the certainties that will affect the organization. This lack of clarity, vision and trust typically manifests by organizations doing nothing—which admittedly is worse than trying something. For those who do try, the probability of budget overruns, unexpected outages, unacceptable risk and an inconsistent end-user experience increases dramatically.  

Imagine the productivity gains if technology just worked, all the time.

Wipfli's team of experts bring years of experience and industry expertise to assist businesses. While the future is impossible to predict, Wipfli’s knowledge of technology and a strong business acumen works to predict the hard trends. The results are an ability to more clearly identify opportunities that exist for clients and increase the probability of success. Leveraging this knowledge, Wipfli creates a plan for technology that drives innovation, process improvement, operational efficiencies and enhances end-user productivity. As a part of the team, Wipfli provides proactive advice so organizations can achieve their goals through well-run technology functions.

Featured Expertise

Michael T. Pynch, CMA, CPA

Michael has more than 20 years of management and information technology consulting experience. He is the firmwide consulting leader for Wipfli’s technology management and support services, typically serving small and medium-sized businesses across all industries.

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