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Industry 4.0 Rapid Assessment

Smart Manufacturing starts with our free Industry 4.0 rapid assessment

How able are you to make proactive business decisions? From waste and downtime to decreased connectivity with customers and suppliers, a host of issues can plague your manufacturing operations.

In the era of Industry 4.0, manufacturers are harnessing the power of integrated systems, cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance productivity and profitability, and to ensure uniformity across their operations. Technology continues to propel the industry forward. The end result? Truly “smart” manufacturing.

Let Wipfli help you become a smart manufacturer and proactively prepare for a more advanced future. With our free Industry 4.0 rapid assessment, we determine digital transformation priorities based on your current state and the practical next steps for your business. Our report includes your:

  • Current digital maturity and gap analysis related to strategy, people, processes and technology
  • Industry 4.0 technology recommendations and road map
  • Custom implementation plan with cost/benefits for ROI calculations

Industry 4.0 is within your reach
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