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Team Up!

Nov 02, 2016
By: LuAnn E. Bunch
Financial Institutions

I believe some of the greatest successes in life are achieved through passion, perseverance, and teamwork. Passion and perseverance are attributed to individualized characteristics that contribute to success, and the good ‘ole saying that became a common phrase in English, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” is what creates synergy through the power of teamwork. 
My husband and I enjoy watching and supporting our three children at sporting events, which largely consist of weekend tournaments. One time during a conversation with our son, he said he likes to play “team sports,” and it occurred to me that his favorite sports are the ones in which he plays defensive positions. Because the kid who plays defensive positions may not be the one who gets many of the touchdowns, scores the goals, or makes the baskets, we have witnessed our son contribute to many assists including tackles, blocks, and rebounds, which are all part of the team dynamics of working together to win games.  
While each one of our children plays different sports, they all have one thing in common: A team with a goal to win.  With this comes a commitment to prepare to win through continually learning skills of the sport and strategies guided by a coach and practicing as a team. This reminds me of Wipfli’s philosophy of “Leading and Working the Wipfli Way.” At Wipfli, we have dynamic teams of consultants who are passionate about what we do and are ready to team up with you and be on your side to help you win and be successful . . . whatever it takes!



LuAnn E. Bunch, CPA
Manager, Asset/Liability Management
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