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May 20, 2019
Financial Institutions

As I packed my tackle box for my trip to northern Minnesota for the 2019 fishing opener, I reflected on some previous fishing trips, trying to evaluate what tactics worked well and which ones were complete duds. I was reminded of one trip that included a fair amount of simple bobber fishing for panfish, specifically bluegill (necessary when young children are in the boat, which I am sure many of you can relate to). Even though the standard bait for bluegill consists of nightcrawlers and other worms, we packed some leaches and minnows, just in case we stumbled into crappies or walleye. Despite our best efforts to vary the bait and try different fishing spots, our first day on the water was slow. We decided to make another stop at the bait shop after dinner that evening and noticed a container of night crawlers in the refrigerator with a sticker on top that just said “green.” True to the label, the night crawlers were indeed green. Two of us decided it was worth a shot. Others in the group were doubtful and told us we had wasted our money. We ventured out, and by morning’s end, with the help of some green nightcrawlers, we had two dozen large bluegill ready for the frying pan. At the end of the day, all it took was a little creativity and willingness to try something different.

As you struggle with various challenges within your institution, whether it’s a recurring issue that continues to pop up or a new challenge resulting from the ever-changing market environment, are you trying the same solutions, or are you looking for new ideas? Are you using the same old nightcrawlers and fishing at the same six-foot depth and getting the same result? If you are looking for a creative solution tailored to your institution, call your Wipfli Relationship Executive, and he or she will help you find your green nightcrawler.


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