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Podcast: Automate your ACH origination and RDC audit to reduce fraud risk

Jul 27, 2023
By: Robert H. Zondag, Tim Merrell

Fraudsters are targeting small and medium-sized businesses like never before. And this puts the financial institutions working with these customers increasingly at risk when originating ACH and providing remote data capture (RDC).

Traditional, manual audit methods simply cannot keep up with the explosion in fraud among customers at financial institutions who originate ACH payments and use RDC for deposits. This leaves financial institutions more vulnerable to risk than they may realize.

Our Bank on Wipfli special guest to discuss risk management automation is Trevor Lain, founder and CEO of LexAlign PBC. Join Lain, Wipfli partner Robert H. Zondag and Wipfli senior manager Tim Merrell for a conversation on today’s oversight challenges and the best ways to address them.

They cover:

  • The drawbacks of current manual audit practices
  • Gaps created in business operations in current practices
  • The benefits of automating required audit and security reviews
  • How improving risk management supports growth and sales

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