Make Opportunity Great Again

Make Opportunity Great Again

Nov 10, 2016


In light of recent election results, I couldn't resist this blog title. Regardless of which candidate we voted for, we now have to make do with the results. Here's my challenge: Let's look inside and outside our organization, let's reinvest in our mission, let's focus on our desired outcomes, and let's create the impact we know that we can.

In my last blog I shared with you that change isn't bad, it's just different. We now have different. Our job as leaders is to engage our new reality to foster a difference in our community. The needs of our communities have not changed. We will now have to embrace our new reality in the way that will best allow us to continue, and maybe even improve, the outcomes and impacts we provide. In short, we must find opportunity, and we must convert that opportunity into helping work toward our mission.

The picture above is Mika, my Corgi. She's a great dog who's smart, cuddly, energetic, and curious. She was having a great day at the dog park exploring her favorite and familiar places. Something in the weeds, however, caught her attention. She had a choice. She could continue with the familiar, or she could explore the unknown. Well, her curiosity drove her to check out those weeds, and she was rewarded with the opportunity to play chase with the small furry creature hiding in there. In Corgi world, that's a pretty good reward.

As organization leaders, we, too, have to look into the weeds—the unknown. We have to be brave and venture into them. And we have to find the opportunities that will continue to create new and better ways to serve our mission. Many of us, including my team and me, are ready to help you explore those weeds. We can all do this. Our communities are depending on us.


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