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How to Leverage the IoT in Manufacturing [Infographic]

Jan 25, 2018
By: Mark Stevens

To be a valuable asset for your customers, you need to continually innovate. You must look for ways to drive long-term profitable growth, enhance the customer experience, improve overall quality, and expand products and services. The question is: How do you do it all quickly, efficiently, and without disruption?

The answer lies in technology, specifically the Internet of Things (IoT), and how it’s used to capture and analyze data generated by equipment, systems, and people to gain insight into and improve virtually everything you do on the plant floor, including:

  • Tracking assets so you can accurately identify and anticipate issues that need intervention.
  • Monitoring equipment to ensure responsive maintenance that minimizes downtime and failure risk.
  • Ensuring quality through capturing granular data that detects product or process flaws and creates a historical record of how they were addressed.
  • Improving safety with wearable technologies that help workers navigate their work environments (i.e., detecting obstacles in the path of a forklift) and process production information in ways that greatly minimize risk of injury.

Critical to successful implementation of IoT practices is a manufacturer’s comprehensive understanding of how IoT informs manufacturing, influences specific aspects of the supply chain and plant floor, and impacts anticipated results in processes and products. Our new infographic, How the IoT Enables Informed Manufacturing, walks you through the essentials. Click the preview below to download your copy.

IoT Infographic Preview


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