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Podcast: Guarding elders’ wealth

Robert Zondag
May 15, 2024


The impact of elder financial fraud is over $270 billion per year. Research shows that 83% of older adults want to know more about protecting themselves from elder financial exploitation, and 96% believe companies should do more to protect them.

So how can financial institutions and advisors protect their elderly clients from financial scams, fraud and exploitation?

In this episode of Bank on Wipfli, Robert Zondag, principal at Wipfli, speaks with Jason Thomas, cofounder of myFloc, on:

  • Preparing for the great wealth transfer.
  • The importance of normalizing conversations around financial fraud to help combat exploitation and financial crimes against the elderly.

Listen in to learn more about how to cultivate transparency with clients and encourage them and their family members to get comfortable with addressing these issues head-on.


Robert H. Zondag
CTP, Principal


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