Cybersecurity Webinar for Business Leaders


Cybersecurity Webinar for Business Leaders

Oct 31, 2019

Today's business environment requires senior executives and business owners to think strategically about the cyber challenges facing their businesses.

Cyberattacks are continuing to evolve at a record pace. Cloud computing, mobile devices, IoT and other newer technologies and regulatory requirements are changing security requirements. Hackers continue to be a concern as their strategies become more sophisticated.

With all this in mind, strategies that safeguarded your company a few years ago, may not safeguard your business today. As major data breaches continue to make the headlines and the results of those breaches compromise client data and impact companies' bottom lines, it is vital that business owners and business leaders stay on top of the latest cybersecurity developments and get involved in cybersecurity discussions today to ensure the success of their companies tomorrow.

Watch this recorded webinar where speakers from Wipfli and Marsh & McLennan Agency will share:  

  • Best practices for data breach response
  • Risk management techniques
  • Strategies to protect your business
  • The threat landscape
  • Top "hacker-attack techniques"


Jeff Olejnik
Jeff Olejnik
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