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The state of rural healthcare 2024

Wipfli Insights Team
Jan 29, 2024
2024 State of rural healthcare report

New research shows “cautious optimism” among rural healthcare providers, as many tackle 2024 without supplemental funding.

COVID-19 funding was a lifeline for many rural healthcare organizations. Supplemental dollars helped rural providers meet increased healthcare demands, despite steep inflation and higher expenses. And now, it’s gone.

For our second annual report, Wipfli surveyed more than 100 rural healthcare organizations in 26 states to learn how they’re navigating this “new normal.” Rural healthcare organizations shared their top financial concerns as well as their planned strategic responses.

Download the full report to learn how rural organizations plan to maintain financial stability and provide even more access to healthcare in rural areas by addressing:

  • People management
  • Revenue capture
  • Digital strategies, including AI


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