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FinTech Update for Financial Institutions

Mar 15, 2018

Wipfli’s biannual FinTech webinar updates you on developments in FinTech, the potential impact on financial institutions, and technological advancements.

Topics discussed include:

  • What’s happening in the FinTech world.
  • Why FinTech companies are gaining market share.
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency updates—why a financial institution should learn about these.
  • Why it is important to make FinTech part of your strategic discussions.
  • Strategic options to consider.
  • Updates on Wipfli’s FinTech initiative.

Who is the intended audience for this recorded webinar?  
Financial institutions leadership, senior management, and board of directors members who are accountable for growth and are part of strategic discussions/plans.


David Schroepfer, CPA
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