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A jump-start for banking data analytics

David Fields
Mar 09, 2023

Your bank knows a great deal about individual customers, but you probably aren’t leveraging that data to reveal important account trends, adjust strategic plans or boost operational effectiveness. And that’s because current data reporting is likely to be siloed and take too long to gather, hindering effective decision-making.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn about an affordable and convenient add-on to your existing analytics platform that enables team members to easily access data analytics that address a wide range of bank needs. This self-service platform is set up to work with the Jack Henry core data and can be game-changing for your organization.

This on-demand webinar covers key data points available through the platform, including:

  • Timely customized reports showing the most recent and year-to-date volume of business across branches or lines of business.
  • Visibility into new account growth and fluctuation amount over time.
  • Marketing analysis to support campaigns or cross-selling. 
  • Compliance-related data requests.

Who should watch

Your bank’s senior management, including the CIO, COO, CFO, CLO, president and CEO

External presenter

David Dietz
Grand Bank of Tulsa Oklahoma


David Fields


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