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Webinar: Tax update for financial institutions

Emily Sladky
Dec 13, 2023

This year has been quiet on the tax law change front. However, as we look ahead to an election year in 2024, and the expiration of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provisions at the end of 2025, it’s important to begin planning for the upcoming tax years. 

Watch on-demand our discussion on current tax law and its impact on financial institutions, what changes to anticipate and how you can plan for year-end.

Topics covered include:

  • Current tax environment
  • Tax extender items
  • Tax planning in an environment of high interest rates
  • Tax credits
  • IRS update on the Employee Retention Credit
  • Tax implications of remote work
  • Corporate Transparency Act
  • State and local tax update

This on-demand webinar is for:

Senior management handling tax issues


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Wipfli tax update for financial institutions 2023 webinar


Emily T. Sladky
CPA, Manager


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