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HR Chat: Time Off with Pay

Wipfli Insights Team
May 25, 2016

This webinar was recorded on May 25, 2016. Click the Download button to watch the recording and to view the presentation slides.  

“To PTO or not to PTO” – that is the question! During this webinar, we look at the myriad of alternatives that are out there for providing time off with pay to employees, and what your peers are doing. Most importantly, WHY are you doing what you are doing? PTO, vacation, holidays, sick time, personal days, anniversary date vs. calendar year administration, carryovers and maximums – let’s get detailed!

During this webinar we:

  • Increase your understanding of the intent and purpose of PTO Plans
  • Compare and contrast PTO with traditional time off plans
  • Review thoughts and ideas for best practices


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