E-commerce website creation

Meet your customer’s needs now and in a post-COVID world.

If your business has always relied on in-person sales and you’ve never needed to use the internet to sell products, the COVID-19 pandemic is likely hitting you hard. Your customers can’t buy from you, whether it’s because they’re hesitant to leave the house for anything not deemed a necessity, or because of stay-at-home orders.

Digital is the only channel many brands have to sell their products and services. And it may very well be the preferred way to sell to customers even after the pandemic is over.

Set your business up for success with Wipfli

Wipfli can help you deploy readily available technology to give your business a quick and easy-to-manage e-commerce website.  We can also set you up with the tools you need to scale your e-commerce presence into the future, setting you up for success in a post-COVID-19 world.

Use the experienced Wipfli team to:

  • Identify where you should focus efforts to drive the greatest impact.
  • Create an e-commerce site that can support sales for the most profitable and popular SKUs.
  • Ensure your e-commerce site is appropriately supported and kept current to best support online sales efforts.

Are you ready to build your light e-commerce website?

Choose from our three tiers of solutions below:

E-commerce website creation table | Wipfli