Outsourced Accounting Resources

Accounting support to bridge the gap and rapidly fill your needs.

Smooth out accounting anxiety with help from experts who understand the challenges of managing and growing a business. Whether in need of CFO level assistance or simple bookkeeping, there’s an opportunity to put world-class accounting know-how to work for your business.

Businesses get more than a “body.” Seasoned experts in accounting and financial management will execute tasks and offer solutions and recommendations, while putting the resources of the entire Wipfli organization into each client’s project.

Outsourced accounting personnel ensure a client’s accounting functions are maintained without interruption and can help with the following responsibilities:

Outsourced Accounting Roles

Featured Expertise

W. Bradley Baturka, CPA, CVA

With nearly 30 years of combined auditing, public and private accounting, finance, and international operating experiences,  Brad leads the Northeast region's advisory practice which includes outsourced and client accounting services.