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Removing headaches from expense reporting

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Code42 needed to automate accounts payable to lower processing costs, increase compliance and make employees happier.

The Challenge

Code42’s accounting team was bogged down by manual expense processes. Staff had to go through each paper report to tally and verify the data, and then manually enter it into the accounting system before manually cutting a check. The two-person accounting team could barely keep up — and it took about 15 days to process expenses. That wasn’t good enough for sales reps and directors with constant travel and meeting expenses. Plus, the team lacked visibility into performance indicators and compliance risks.

The Solution

Code42 chose Concur Expense to automate its expense reporting system so it could take advantage of mobility features and easy ERP integration. Code42 can export data from Concur and bring it directly into the general ledger, without manual intervention. Because Wipfli is a SAP Concur App Center partner, data integration can be done in the cloud. And Wipfli’s ExpenseConnect integration with Concur makes it easy to map Code42’s GL codes, without custom development or file manipulation.

Today I have more time to look at analytics, process reconciliations, and prepare and communicate new features and enhancements to employees.
Kevin Wright, Accounts Payable Manager at Code42

The results

With Wipfli, Code42 deployed a fully automated solution in about three weeks, including mapping to five different bank accounts on three continents. Now, expense reports are submitted, approved and processed in less than a week, with minimal staff effort. The accounting team uses its “free” time to analyze financial data, process reconciliations and work on enhancements. And the changes are hugely popular among employees.

decrease in time it takes to process expenses
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