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Health Solutions
Paige Oldham, CPA, CMA, Chief Financial Officer

“Our experience with Wipfli was awesome. Whatever came up, the Wipfli team was always there, always super responsive, and always had an answer or a workaround. We’re super happy with Intacct and with Wipfli.”


By switching from Abila MIP to Sage Intacct, Health Solutions gained a huge increase in efficiencies and automation, even shaving an entire day off its month-end close process. Robust reporting with real-time data has also streamlined processes, making it so much easier for the finance department to complete day-to-day activities.


Health Solutions was struggling with Abila MIP. The software did not provide statistical reporting or dashboarding, could not integrate with other systems that Health Solutions used, and required far too many manual workflows and calculations to complete standard accounting processes. 

Plus, MIP’s lack of cloud functionality meant that Health Solutions employees had to log in via remote desktop. After vendor updates accidentally made the remote desktop unusable, Health Solutions employees couldn’t log in to MIP at all.

Wanting greater automation, reporting and integration, Health Solutions made the switch to Sage Intacct.


Sage Intacct checked all the boxes for Health Solutions. It could integrate with the Wells Fargo Payment Manager® to automatically deliver checks to vendors. When employees entered prepaid expenses, it could automatically calculate the amortization and post the monthly basis, further streamlining accounting workflows.  

Best of all, it could provide comprehensive and flexible drill-down reporting, as well as dashboards that visualize data. Health Solutions executives were looking for data snapshots to gauge the health of the organization, and Sage Intacct’s customizable dashboards could deliver real-time data.

The remote desktop would no longer be an issue, either. Because Sage Intacct is cloud-based, Health Solutions employees could very easily log in from anywhere and access all the information needed to do their day-to-day duties.

After a discovery process with Wipfli highlighted these benefits and pinpointed Sage Intacct as the ideal software for Health Solutions, it was on to the implementation phase.

While the Wipfli team built out Intacct based on Health Solutions’ needs, the Health Solutions team extracted historical transactional data from MIP and cleaned up its chart of accounts. 

After this data was imported to Intacct, the Wipfli team began to train Health Solutions employees on how to use Intacct, making sure they were comfortable performing day-to-day transactions and workflows before the official transition from MIP to Intacct occurred. Wipfli was also there through go-live, lending assistance to make sure everything went smoothly.


Sage Intacct’s integration abilities have been a huge benefit for Health Solutions. Before, Health Solutions had to use a system to pull financial data from MIP, payroll data from its payroll system, and operational data from its electronic health record (EHR) system. But with Intacct, all of Health Solutions’ financial, operational and reporting data can be combined and looked at in different ways.

Intacct’s robust reporting has helped Health Solutions streamline analysis, allowing employees to drill down and see detailed transactions. This has streamlined the month-end review process. 

In fact, Health Solutions’ month-end close has been reduced by a full day. Chief Financial Officer Paige Oldham no longer has to work Saturdays to meet the board’s deadline. And the finance department’s work-life balance and morale as a whole has improved — all because of Intacct’s intuitive features, robust reporting and streamlined automation.

Client profile

Founded in 1962, Health Solutions is a nonprofit integrated healthcare organization in Pueblo, Colorado. Its mission is to meet the needs of those seeking specialized healthcare services that require expert care to support recovery and successfully achieve healthcare goals. This care is provided through service excellence, exceptional clinical quality, compassion and promotion of self-determination.

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Rebecca A. Hurst, CPA, Senior Manager