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Ryan Thompson, Director of Operations

“Wipfli brought a high caliber of technical skill and business understanding to the table. They just got it. The way they collaborated and responded to our feedback with fixes that worked right out of the gate — I don’t believe we would have had this level of success with such a custom implementation with any other team.”


Powertex was using different homegrown systems, plus Sage Intacct, and realized it was time to get everything on one platform. The company was ready for an integrated cloud ERP that would help eliminate silos and duplicate data entry, as well as give everyone greater visibility and ownership of their key business data.


Powertex had built its business on a disparate system of homegrown software. Developed in-house, these custom solutions worked well independently but not together. That lack of integration created redundancies and silos that limited productivity.

Powertex wanted a modern, cloud-based ERP that would integrate all its business systems onto one platform. Leaders chose NetSuite because it had a wide base of native systems that would fit the organization, with minimal need for plug-ins and add-ons.

Strategy and results

Powertex leaders knew they had a challenge ahead of them, moving from a custom system to standard enterprise software. They chose Wipfli because of the firm’s strong development team, business acumen and track record in complex customizations. 

For example, the customization Wipfli delivered allows Powertex to tailor the bill of material. The out-of-the-box NetSuite expects businesses to predefine what goes into a finished good, but Powertex products are customized to each client, with different logos and inks. Customization allows products such as “medium grey pullover” to exist on the bill of material, with the ability to include add-ons on an order-by-order basis.

Another adjustment Wipfli made allows Powertex to create a “production order.” It’s a way for the company to work with multiple work orders in NetSuite all at once. Traditionally, a work order would produce one kind of finished good, but Powertex needs to process multiple shirts (e.g., different sizes, colors) in one order.

With Wipfli’s customization work giving the company the flexibility and scalability that it needs, Powertex now has an integrated and easy-to-use system that ensures it isn’t vulnerable to critical talent losses and will scale with its business.

Thanks to the new system, certain departments can manage their own data now, rather than delegating to finance. That has increased efficiency across the organization and given everyone greater visibility and ownership of their key business data.

Client profile

Powertex delivers licensed apparel and brand promotions for some of the trendiest retail brands on the planet, including Yamaha, Honda and Ranger Boats.

Relationship Executive(s)

Shelly Worrel, Principal