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Saving time and creating tech stability

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Having worked with Wipfli for many years to serve its audit and tax needs, Fox Converting trusted Wipfli’s ability to turn around a complex situation in its IT department. Wipfli ended up saving them four days a month in IT maintenance.

The Challenge

Fox’s technology was unreliable and would frequently crash during month-end close. Its IT team was working hard to keep old systems running but felt disconnected from the rest of the company. Fox needed to fill gaps in the company’s IT infrastructure and reestablish a connection with the IT team.

The Solution

Wipfli conducted a technology health check and created a three-year roadmap to create IT stability. The firm’s managed services filled critical staffing gaps and provided additional leadership, mentorship and direction. A governance process was introduced to ensure changes to the IT environment didn’t affect performance or cause problems. The team also installed management agents on servers and computers to automate manual tasks.

With Wipfli’s help, IT and technology have become assets for our business — and we’re only going to continue improving from here on out.
Kari Serrahn, Vice President at Fox Converting Inc.

The results

Wipfli found ways to ease the administrative and manual workload on IT staff and reduced the technology environment they had to manage. Reducing the server count by 60% saved Fox nearly four days a month in maintenance. Fox also revamped its IT processes so employees could make recommendations, help plan projects and prioritize Help Desk tickets. That made the IT team more effective and focused — and improved collaboration and connection with other parts of the business.

days of work saved each month