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Alan Keaton, Controller
“Wipfli was exceptional during the engagement and after. Any time we had follow-up questions, someone was always available with prompt answers. It’s a tremendous feeling to know we’re doing things right.”

Geminus is a not-for-profit management group delivering a comprehensive and cost-effective array of administrative support services for owner and partner community mental health centers as well as other complementary community human services. The organization promotes the best of not-for-profit, community-based human services by providing economies of scale in human resources, communications, purchasing, accounting, finance, client billing, and management information systems for behavioral health care providers and human service organizations. Geminus is the home of Northwest Indiana Head Start and Early Head Start, with 27 locations in both Lake and Porter Counties in Indiana.


In the spirit of continuous improvement and a desire to remain compliant, Geminus needed to fully understand the new requirements the federal Office of Management and Budget put into effect at the end of 2014, in particular, the new Uniform Guidance rules. The organization had previously been exposed to Wipfli’s expertise at a conference. Since the Geminus representatives responsible for compliance were fairly new to their positions, the group called on Wipfli for advice and assurances.


Wipfli conducted on-site visits of the Geminus organization, bringing documents and implementation support to help create a greater understanding of the audit-related changes. In addition, Wipfli conducted training for key personnel, as well as for the procurement staff, on the new documented processes required when purchases are made using federal funds. The firm further helped ensure that Geminus’s policies were fully updated. That included updating purchase orders and contract templates.


Today, changes in procurement procedures at Geminus are aligned with Uniform Guidance rules. Geminus has properly documented the procurement policies and procedures based on the new standards. The purchasing department now uses a checklist to ensure they are in compliance with every single point, documenting all quotes received, cost/price analysis, and rationale for selection.

Geminus has the peace of mind knowing it’s compliant. And after a recent audit, Geminus discovered that Uniform Guidance was spelled out in the audit, a comforting reassurance for the organization.