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DEI business resource groups

Fostering inclusivity, education and belonging.

The business resource groups (BRGs) at Wipfli give voice to and elevate issues inside our firm for under-represented groups.

BRG members and allies provide educational opportunities and serve as champions within the organization to create internal networks and broaden cultural fluency. They also help foster associate engagement, networking opportunities, career advancement and professional development for members.

Each year, our BRGs spend 4,000+ hours organizing events to increase awareness and education. Participation in those events is extremely high throughout the firm. Our DEI-related events add up to more than 16,000 engagement hours.

The leaders of BRGs also participate more directly in the firm’s ongoing DEI initiatives and assist Wipfli in fully integrating DEI into our day-to-day business practices and recruiting efforts.

DEI business resource groups

The members of Valor, a business resource group at Wipfli, gather as a team to discuss how to increase inclusion and support for members of the military and their families.

Current BRGs

Women of Wipfli (WoW): Women of Wipfli’s purpose is to cultivate an environment where women have an equitable opportunity to achieve their goals and find their version of success.

Wipfli Pride: Wipfli Pride’s vision is to aspire to be the most LGBTQ+ friendly firm in the country, where allyship and belonging is the standard.

Embrace: The mission of Embrace, Wipfli’s Alliance to Amplify Multiculturalism, is to support our current diverse, underrepresented associates and to increase the firm’s opportunity to attract, engage, nurture and retain multicultural associates.

Valor: The mission of Valor is to create a community to honor and serve military members, veterans and their families.

Women of Wipfli India – Aparajita: The vision of Aparajita is for Wipfli-India to be the firm of choice for women as they frame up their version of a successful life.

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