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Julian and NFL Safety Adrian Amos (Bears, Packers) share a moment with participants of Chicago-based youth anti-violence program Becoming a Man (BAM)

Julian Coleman, Jr.

Julian Coleman, Jr., enjoys getting involved and giving back. His diverse background and love of service guide his work: at Wipfli and in the community.

Tania Erdmann

Tania Erdmann

Working through adversity requires resilience and perseverance. It also taught Tania the value of accepting help and working as a team.

Rachel’s three dogs are frequent companions during hikes.

Rachel Hammond

Rachel Hammond once doubted that she’d ever be comfortable speaking before a group. But the talent & culture trainer faced her fears and today goes out of her way to take on challenges that few can imagine.

Linda Haynes Curiosity

Linda Haynes

Linda Haynes appreciates great talent – in the arts and at Wipfli. She says it enriches her life.

Tammy and Jim

Tammy Jelinek

Tammy Jelinek works to support grant-funded organizations that make immediate impact in the community. Read more about her compelling background and her Wipfli journey.

Adam Kouhel

Adam Kouhel

Whether he's volunteering on a crisis response team for a client, building a business resource group or supporting LGBTQ youth, Adam knows the importance of teamwork to achieve excellence.

Cecilia Oakland Square

Cecilia Murillo

Cecilia Murillo celebrates diversity and how it can strengthen a community. Her work at Wipfli supports underserved populations in California that often need help the most.

Temeshia Pierce

Temeshia Pierce

There are thousands of books on the power of positivity, but Temeshia is the living embodiment of it. She brings her passion and caring spirit to work, to her family and to her community.

Nik Wong

Nik Wong

Being a professional DJ is just one of a dozen talents Nik uses in his day-to-day life. From accounting to serving on the board of a non-profit soccer league, Nik does everything with courage and caring.

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