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Feeding curiosity and career dreams: Meet Linda Haynes

Linda is senior manager of talent development. She is based in Wipfli’s Madison office.

Linda Haynes Curiosity Linda’s curiosity is in full force when she studies the works of artists to help understand how they see the world

Linda Haynes has one passion that has driven her entire career in human resources: Providing the learning and development that people want to achieve their career goals and live the lives they imagine!

Based out of our Madison, Wisconsin office, Linda is the Senior Manager of Talent Development and oversees the team that runs our internal training and career development programs.

Ensuring more than 2,900 associates — in industries from nonprofit to manufacturing and careers from accountants to IT experts — have the resources they need is not an easy feat. But Linda never tires of the challenge.

“The journey takes being curious all the time and learning all the time. It includes making mistakes, taking risks, gathering feedback — in other words, being in a constant state of trying something new and different,” she said.

Linda excels in meeting the learning needs of associates from various disciplines in a consulting firm. “Everyone works differently,” she says. “My expertise is providing a myriad of different ways to meet the unique development needs of associates.”

Linda Haynes near river Linda finds inspiration at work, attending arts and culture and out in nature.

Linda draws her inspiration from her team.

When Linda looks for talent, she sees it all around her. She leads a global and multigenerational team that develops Wipfli’s talent resources — and she learns from them every day.

“I’m doubly enriched,” she says. “I work with individuals in different parts of the world and in different seasons of life. We each bring our own perspectives, and I get to learn from them simultaneously. This immerses me in different cultures, learning about the holidays they celebrate and what’s important to them.”

Linda Haynes Linda’s idea of a great holiday outing is to explore a new museum.

When she’s not at work, the arts make Linda smile.

“I’m fascinated with people who dedicate their lives to the arts,” Linda says. “They do things differently. Why? What are they thinking? I’m fascinated by it.”

She loves all forms of art and live music and can take you on an artistic tour of the U.S., highlighting exhibits, installations, museums and concerts she’s experienced. She’s been able to see some of the world’s great artists: Paul McCartney, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Vincent van Gogh, James Taylor, the list goes on. 

Linda Haynes and family Learning is a daily practice for Linda and she tries to instill that in her family.

Linda is a natural people person and holds an enormous spot in her heart for her Wipfli teammates.

“We laugh, have fun, show grace, apologize at times and look out for each other. It’s like there’s an invisible net under our team,” Linda says. “When you find a place where you enjoy the people and the work you’re doing together, it’s lights out. You couldn’t ask for anything better.”

She says it’s easy to talk about Wipfli values and culture in her job because it’s authentic. “We are caring because we are real, genuine people. We are parents, we are community members. We are people here first.”

“We embrace the fact that some people are a little different, maybe even quirky. That’s what makes Wipfli, Wipfli,” she says.

Living our values
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