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Sunshine and brightness: Meet Temeshia Pierce

Temeshia is an administrative assistant with Wipfli’s administrative services department. She is based in Oakland, California.

“The The embodiment of sunshine, Temeshia shares her positive energy and joyful disposition wherever she goes

When Temeshia applied to join Wipfli, she was recommended for hire even before her interview ended. Overhearing the interview session, a team member near the interview room walked straight to his boss’s office and said, “We need her.”

He couldn’t see Temeshia, but he instantly recognized her kindness, energy and positive attitude from the other side of the wall. He later told her: “You were going to bring nothing but brightness to our team. We needed that.”

Smiles and smarts are shared qualities between this mother/daughter pair Smiles and smarts are shared qualities between this mother/daughter pair

Genuine positivity and passion

Temeshia is indeed the embodiment of sunshine. She’s a people person who becomes friends with everyone she meets — including Wipfli colleagues whom she’s only met over the phone or email.

“Turn the sides of your mouth down,” says Temeshia. “Get a big deep frown. Now, turn them up. Get a big old smile. Which one feels better?”

She finds that choosing to smile and be happy is the best way to live. “The smile feels better to the muscles on your face — and to your soul.”

What keeps Temeshia focused on the positive? First and foremost is her daughter, who graduates with a master’s degree in May 2021.

Temeshia began her parenting journey at 17 years old. She says being a single parent wasn’t easy. She didn’t always have a lot of financial security, but she always made sure her daughter had access to every opportunity that came her way.

“My daughter got to travel. She got to try any sport she wanted,” Temeshia says. “I got to sit back and watch her grow. Now she’s graduating and is on the verge of buying her first house. I am so proud of everything she’s accomplished.”

Temeshia is always seeking ways to serve her community, even in a pandemic Temeshia is always seeking ways to serve her community, even in a pandemic

Improving lives, starting with her own

Temeshia’s daughter isn’t the only accomplished member of their family. Temeshia has multiple degrees, including in Human Services and Elementary Teacher Preparation. She is currently considering starting a Master of Social Work (MSW) program so that she can do more for struggling families in her community.

“I see daily how hard it is for some families,” she says. “I think I can do something about that.”

She’s already making a difference. Temeshia has volunteered for Occur, a nonprofit organization that supports the wellbeing, economic development and civic inclusion of marginalized communities. She has helped to serve meals and pass out food boxes, including serving more than 300 meals on Wipfli’s Community Day last fall. Now, she hopes that an MSW will enable her to make an even deeper impact.

Another of Temeshia’s recent accomplishments is the decision to invest in her own welfare. Since January 2021, she has been focusing on — and accomplishing — a personal weight loss goal for health.

“I knew I had to start living life and stop letting life live me,” she explains.

It would be difficult to find someone who is living a fuller life than Temeshia. We are grateful to have her as a shining light on the Wipfli team.

Living our values
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