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Crisis response and recovery resources to protect and enhance your business

These are unprecedented times. The rapid spread of COVID-19 and unforeseen disruptions can hit every component of your business. And the uncertainty of the situation can feel overwhelming as circumstances are constantly shifting.

Wipfli is committed to providing resources and support to help guide you and your organization through this crisis and beyond. The health and safety of our community — clients, friends and associates — is our highest priority. As is helping you navigate the turmoil of today and continue to strengthen your tomorrow.

Articles and news

What manufacturers need to know before upgrading technology

Manufacturers, before upgrading your manufacturing technology, read through our six-step software selection process checklist.

As COVID-19 continues, here are 4 actions breweries can take

Breweries, it’s time to get strategic with your business decisions. We attended the Montana Brewers Association Conference, and we’ve got tips to share.

Manufacturers, make your move!

Here’s why its time to make your move on manufacturing technology.

The Gemba Walk: a tried and true strategy for improving employee retention

It’s critical for manufacturers to retain valuable employees. Here’s why the Gemba Walk is one of the most highly effective employee retention strategies.

Manufacturers can find recruitment opportunities through and beyond the COVID-19 crisis, and here’s how

Looking for creative recruiting ideas for manufacturing? In this COVID-19 crisis, look no further than the leisure and hospitality workers it’s displaced.

How manufacturers can communicate well in a crisis

Learn about the unique crisis response needs of manufacturers and how to create a crisis communications plan suited for manufacturing companies.

Wipfli calls on manufacturers to help combat shortages in COVID-19 crisis

Wipfli, a top 20 accounting and consulting firm, is helping rally manufacturers to support national efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

4 ways manufacturers can use their websites for crisis communications

During the COVID-19 crisis, manufacturers and distributors can use their websites to communicate with — and reassure — customers, dealers, suppliers, employees and other key audiences.

How crises cause industry disruption and innovation

The most industry disruption seems to occur after a crisis. In the midst of COVID-19, we look back on how past crises led to incredible innovation.

6 predictions: What manufacturing could look like after COVID-19

Life after COVID-19, for manufacturers, means jumping on opportunities for innovation.

How manufacturers have responded to COVID-19

For manufacturers, the response to COVID-19 has been creative and, at times, downright heroic.

How manufacturers can protect their supply chain in times of crisis

Supply chain risk management is especially critical in times of crisis like COVID-19. Here’s how to create a plan that protects your supply chain.

9 ways manufacturers can manage and increase cash flow

For manufacturers, it’s critical to increase cash flow during this uncertain and challenging time. There are nine significant ways manufacturers can manage and increase cash flow:

Keeping the shop floor lights on: Effective and safe options during COVID-19

In this time of the COVID-19 coronavirus, social distancing is possible on a shop floor, if manufacturers enact the right procedures.

5 policies that can keep your employees safe and your shop floor running

Keeping your shop floor safe during COVID-19 means forgoing business as usual and implementing these five policies.

On-demand webcasts

Moving the manufacturing industry remote

Topics covered include:

  • Social distancing on the shop floor and support functions
  • Enabling associates to work remotely with technology you may already have — including access to ERP systems and VPNs
  • Options to ramp up quickly and accelerate through the transition

Click here to watch

Supply chain strategy: Responding to COVID-19 and preparing for the future

Topics covered include:

  • Material spend, sourcing diversification and ordering patterns
  • Supplier contracts, performance, development and competition
  • ERP system workflows and optimization
  • Protecting and managing cash flow

Click here to watch

Oh, my overhead! How overhead can erode or increase your gross margin

Topics covered include:

  • Identifying and understanding the drivers of your overhead
  • Learning how to group your P&L statement by similar activities
  • How overhead affects gross margin
  • Using insights to evaluate pricing and product mix

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Solutions to meet your needs

We’re here to help you.

Wipfli has been working with manufacturers for over 90 years to innovate and unlock the full potential of their business. Because COVID-19 has had such a huge impact on the U.S. economy and companies both small and large, we’ve pinpointed ways we can help manufacturers face their challenges head on and put themselves in the best position to succeed going forward.

  • Enabling remote workers
  • Supply chain response and strategy
  • Trimming indirect expenses without affecting production

We also offer a full suite of solutions to help you with your finances, sales, operations, people and technology.


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