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E-book: How the construction industry is tackling disruption

The future of construction

E-book: How the construction industry is tackling disruption

Demand for construction services is strong, but busy doesn’t always mean profitable.

Elevated labor and materials costs are eroding profit margins. Competition for jobs is fierce — and often focused on the lowest bidder. Every project detail — estimating, scheduling and even things out of contractors’ control like the weather — has to be executed perfectly for construction firms to hold onto their hard-earned dollars.

This isn’t new. But some contractors aren’t taking it as “business as usual.” Instead of riding the waves, they’re shifting their business models and processes — doing everything from changing where parts are being constructed, to finding new ways to increase cashflow, to adopting new technology.

In this e-book on the future of construction industry firms, we explore the top ways they’re tackling disruption and ensuring the longevity of their businesses. In depth, we cover how construction executives are tackling:

  • Margin disruption
  • Evolving technology
  • Rising construction costs
  • The labor shortage
  • Business longevity

Download the e-book to learn how your business can build on your short- and long-term strategy to ensure a successful future.

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