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CECL model validation

Get a second set of eyes on CECL

Discover whether there are any flaws in your CECL model and methodology with Wipfli’s CECL validation service.

CECL models are complex and introduce significant risk into your financial institution. With a CECL model validation, you can verify that:

  • Your methodology is being applied appropriately
  • Model inputs are coming from the appropriate sources
  • The calculations and resulting outputs are correct

If there are any issues identified during the validation, you can then take action and make the necessary adjustments. Regulatory guidance suggests that key models — such as most CECL models — should be validated as part of managing model risk, so don’t wait until your year-end audit highlights any errors. With a validation, you can help ensure your model is operating appropriately and can be accurately reported on in your next call report and financial statement.

Why Wipfli?

Our CECL specialists bring a deep understanding of not only the CECL accounting standard but also the different methodologies and models that financial institutions are using. Our solution isn’t one size fits all. We have performed CECL validations for financial institutions of varying sizes, with models of varying complexity, and we understand the depth of testing needed, what areas to look at and how to meet the guidance issues by regulators.

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