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Frequently asked CECL implementation questions

As the deadline for adopting current expected credit loss (CECL) nears, many questions remain.

To help financial institutions with their CECL adoption, we discussed the most commonly asked questions that we have received from our clients. Watch the recording of this webinar to:

  • Hear our practical and detailed responses to those CECL questions.
  • Learn about real-world examples and observe CECL adoption in practice.
  • Gain suggestions for institutions that have not yet settled on their CECL methodology or solution.


02:42 How do I account for CECL at adoption?
10:26 What should I do if I have an unallocated allowance at adoption?
15:32 How should I consider qualitative factors in a CECL model?
25:41 What do I do with problem loans under CECL?
32:56 What should I do when considering a “reasonable and supportable forecast”?
43:59 How do I account for acquired loans under CECL?
51:26 Should I use a CECL model provided by a regulatory body?
1:00:19 What should I do for securities classified as held-to-maturity?
1:08:00 What do I have to think about regarding financial statement disclosures?
1:17:07 What is the impact of CECL on my call report?
1:28:33 How will regulators evaluate my CECL model?
1:34:00 I don’t feel I’m ready for CECL yet – what should I do?

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