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CECL model

Comply with the CECL standard with Wipfli’s model

Wipfli has designed a CECL model to help your financial institution comply with the CECL standard. This Excel-based CECL solution is simple to populate and maintain — and it requires no software or ongoing subscription fees.

If your institution has already chosen a model but is unhappy with its complexity or amount of maintenance involved, our CECL model is easy to transition to. If you haven’t chosen a model yet, ours is easy to get started with. It utilizes the weighted-average remaining maturity (WARM) method and fulfills accounting and regulatory requirements, including more complex elements such as forecasting and unfunded commitments.

Our CECL model enables your institution to:

  • Develop a WARM-based CECL calculation that is simple to understand and support
  • Customize appropriate loan segments and calculate average annual loss rates
  • Efficiently implement loss forecasts over a reasonable and supportable time period
  • Evaluate losses on unfunded commitments

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