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CECL model implementation demo

Nick Ansley
Mar 31, 2022

The hour for CECL implementation draws near. With the chaos and business of the past two years, many financial institutions have fallen behind in their CECL implementation plans. Wipfli has designed an Excel-based CECL solution that is simple to populate and maintain and requires no software or ongoing subscription fees. In this demo, we demonstrated our CECL model, which fulfills all the accounting and regulatory requirements, including more complex elements such as forecasting and unfunded commitments.

This CECL model implementation demo provided an overview of our Excel-based calculation, including:

  • General discussion on the weighted-average remaining maturity (WARM) methodology
  • How to segment loans and calculate average annual loss rates
  • Implementation of qualitative factors and loss forecasts
  • Evaluation of losses on unfunded commitments
  • Q&A

This webinar was designed for: Senior management and others involved with CECL implementation

Access the Q&A questions here


Nick G. Ansley
CPA, Partner
Brett D. Schwantes
CPA, Director
Meet the CECL deadline with Wipfli’s CECL model
The CECL deadline is closing in fast. Are you prepared?
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