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Financial institution regulatory compliance subscription

Regulatory compliance is complex and time-consuming, but it doesn’t need to be. Wipfli’s ComplianceHelp subscription is designed to assist your financial institution with routine regulatory compliance questions. Simply email a question to us and receive a response back within one business day from Wipfli’s regulatory compliance professionals.

When you subscribe, you can:

  1. Submit federal regulatory compliance questions.
  2. Attend ComplianceHelpLive webinars every quarter or listen to the recorded webinar at your convenience.
  3. Give access to ComplianceHelpLive webinars to an unlimited number of attendees from your financial institution.

Quarterly ComplianceHelpLive webinars include:

  • 90-minute updates on compliance regulations and hot topics facilitated by a Wipfli compliance specialist.
  • Downloadable materials.
  • Unlimited attendees from your financial institution.

Subscription levels (based on an annual, calendar-year renewal):

Level 1: Q&A

  • Includes up to 50 emailed questions per year
  • Includes quarterly ComplianceHelpLive webinars at no additional cost
  • Cost is only $3,000 annually

Level 2: Unlimited

  • Includes unlimited emailed questions
  • Includes quarterly ComplianceHelpLive webinars at no additional cost
  • Cost is $5,000 annually

Level 3: Webinars

  • Includes quarterly ComplianceHelpLive webinars only
  • Cost is $1,000 annually

Retainer services are also available. A prepaid retainer allows you to use our compliance services for more than just questions; we can also assist with reviewing policies, disclosures and other documents, as needed.

If you choose not to subscribe, compliance consulting services are still available and will be billed on an hourly basis.

Additional services: ComplianceHelp services are on the horizon, we look forward to presenting those to you in the near future.

Thank you for your interest. If you have any questions please contact Melissa Blaser at mblaser@wipfli.com. Upon submission of the form, an engagement letter will be sent to you in the next 10 business days, for you to approve and sign.
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