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Fair lending redlining risk assessment

Do you know your fair lending redlining risk?

You’ve seen the redlining cases in the news, but do you know whether your financial institution is at risk?

Just because you have not been cited with redlining issues in the past, does not mean you will not have them in the future. Many institutions have found themselves subject to redlining enforcement after a fair lending exam just from doing business the way they’ve been doing it for years. The U.S. Department of Justice is aggressively addressing redlining with financial regulatory agencies to identify and refer violations.

It’s up to your institution to proactively look for areas of improvement, and that’s where a redlining risk assessment from Wipfli can help.

We identify and review your redlining risks and provide you with insight on geographical areas or practices that may be increasing your risk. Then we develop a roadmap to help you take steps to mitigate that risk — before an examiner arrives to take their own action.

As part of our redlining risk assessment, we consider:

  • Applications and origination volume in your lending areas in relation to the demographics
  • Performance as compared with peers
  • Marketing programs and customer outreach efforts
  • Products and services and the needs of your communities
  • Branching strategies
  • Loan officer placement
  • Application and delivery channels

Don’t wait until your fair lending exam. Contact us now to get started.