Community Health Needs Assessment

Uncovering your community’s health needs.

A Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) is a planning tool that can be used to uncover your community’s health needs. This can be a powerful resource in determining community health priorities, informing new or existing strategic initiatives, and developing a more comprehensive health care system. It is also an essential component required to be completed by most not-for-profit hospitals.

Our team of health care professionals can assist you by:

  • Creating a CHNA that complies with IRS requirements.
  • Going beyond compliance by aligning the CHNA with your strategic goals and financial resources.
  • Developing a roadmap for your community’s health needs as your organization moves toward the goal of population health management.

Our service offers a community-based approach to assessing the individual, environmental, cultural, and health-related needs of residents. It will provide documented prioritization of health-related needs and a strategy that proactively addresses the unmet needs within your community. Our comprehensive CHNA process includes:

  • Service Area Definition and Demographic Analysis
  • Existing Organizational Resource Assessment
  • Quantitative Assessment of Health Status Within the Community
  • Market Share Analysis and Physician Need Analysis
  • Qualitative Assessment of Community Input
  • Implementation Strategy and Action Plan

Let our health care team assist you in uncovering your community’s health needs and aligning your strategic initiatives with community demands. 

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